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Prospects AI browser. Unique AI tool to extract (prospects) contact details from all over the Internet, from all over the world in the real time. Better alternative to and
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LeadBrowser is a new innovative way to generate leads

We want to change the rules of the game and provide so much funkconality that the whole market will have to adapt to us.

  • AI Classification
  • Search in real-time
  • Search by geolocation

Revolutionizing the way of lead generation!

How does AI work?

Create innovations with us

Join our repository and together with us create a great tool that will provide the entire industry with an innovative approach to data acquisition.

  • API Documentation
  • Development workflow
  • Continuous integration

Our functionalities

Innovations you won't find in other lead generation tools.


Before generating new data, you choose what data you want to obtain.

Live lead generator

The innovative mechanism allows you to obtain data in real time, so you can be 100% sure that the data is up-to-date.

Search by location

The assumption is that you can obtain data from a specific location in which you run your business or which you simply care about.

Hyper validation

The system adapts to the country of the customer and checks all data like tax number and extracts the data that is readable for you.


Our CRM panel is integrated with data acquisition, so you can handle the generated data in one click.

AI Classification Coming soon

When searching data, our technology selects websites and obtained data in an innovative way.

Choose a fit software for you

Overview of the most popular platforms with LeadBrowser. +$49/mon +$30/mon LeadBrowser Free
AI Classification+ Available
AI Risk Available
Live search* Available
Geo search* Available
Website history Available
External traffics Available
Tax numbers search* Available
Social URL search* Available Available
Company profile search Available Available
Domain search* Available Available Available
Bulk domain search Available Available Available
CRM Available Available Available